Reviewed mobile device software architecture for major carrier.  Recommended a pragmatic solution providing short-term competitive capability while preserving future flexibility, including alternative 4G road maps.

Built case for adding higher-level functionality to handset operating system, specifically, application environment, middleware, and presentation layer tools. Developed plans for when and how to integrate existing applications. Avoided serious potential adverse consequences of wasted investment and time in dead-end or expensive development paths.

Developed the business and technology strategy for a VC-backed, Silicon Valley based software/service startup. Board adopted recommendations and senior leadership team embraced them.

Developed smart-phone-oriented services strategy for a major North American embedded-phone platform developer, which was adopted and implemented immediately.

Product planning and management

Identified potential new services to drive incremental revenue by analyzing unused and underused handset software. Client adopted two services immediately based on recommendations.

Developed competitive response to protect and enhance revenue in the face of new market entrant. Client is currently implementing recommendations.

Business development

Identified, approached and engaged mobile operators worldwide to support new service for major North American embedded phone platform developer.

Due diligence and other services

Conducted technical due diligence on a wireless application developer on behalf of investment bank retained to sell the firm.

Developed downsizing strategy in an environment with increasing responsibility.